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Boîte de 4 barres Antioxy'Bar Banane-Pomme-Cassis 4x25g - Nutrisens Sport

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Antioxy Bar Banana-Apple-Cassis

Antioxy Bar is an energy bar with antioxidant and energizing properties with a melting texture that is very popular with athletes.

Conditionnement: Boite de 4 barres 25 gr

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Antioxy Bar is a fruit energy bar, adapted to intense efforts and reducing fatigue. Created especially for the nutritional needs of athletes, it is consumed during the effort. Its melting texture will provide maximum energy in a greedy way.

Antioxy Bar contains extracts of ginseng, guarana and acerola. It is also composed of vitamins E and C, which help protect cells against oxidative stress, as well as vitamin C, which helps reduce fatigue.

Antioxy Bar is a gourmet and tasty bar with its banana-apple-blackcurrant taste. Practical, it is to take everywhere to accompany your training and sports competitions.

Contains ginseng and guarana extracts with energizing properties.
Melting texture.
Simple carbohydrates provide energy immediately available in case of hypoglycemia or stroke.
Vitamin B1 is necessary for a good energy metabolism.
Vitamins E and C help protect cells against oxidative stress.
For information :

The Antioxy Bar provides the body with the energy needed for the effort and improves the efficiency of endurance training. This thanks to a contribution of carbohydrates and vitamins.

Endurance sports training and vitamins:

Warning: this paragraph is an inventory of scientific research at the moment, it does not in any case office allegation.

In 2014 a team of researchers from the University of Oslo has scientifically demonstrated that endurance performance increases more rapidly with a supplement of vitamins C and E (Gøran Paulsen, Kristoffer T. Cumming, Geir Holden & Al. Vitamin C and E supplementation to endurance training in humans: a dual-blind, randomized, controlled trial, J Physiol 592.8 (2014) pp 1887-1901).

Knowing this we chose to offer you a good supply of vitamin C and E in your Antioxy Bar energy bars to maximize the efficiency of your workouts.

Carbohydrate intake:

Warning: this paragraph is an inventory of scientific research at the moment, it does not in any case office allegation.

To provide the energy needed for physical exercise the body consumes its carbohydrate reserves. If they become over-exhausted, there is a risk of hypoglycaemia that leads to a significant decrease in performance. A pronounced hypoglycaemia can even irreversibly damage the athlete's neurons (BLOOD WON SUH, Hypoglycemia, Brain Energetics, and Hypoglycemic Neuronal Death, GLIA 55, 2007). Antioxy Bar therefore contains a large amount of carbohydrates to support your effort and limit the risks associated with the depletion of carbohydrate reserves.

Usage tips

Nutrisens Sport Tips:

Consume one bar per hour.

If necessary, it can be accompanied by an energy drink of the CARBO MAX type.

Data sheet

Sport Trail
Sport Marathon
Sport Team sports
Sport Golf
Sport Fitness
Sport ATV
Sport Cycling
Sport Ultra trail
Sport Half marathon
Sport Triathlon
Sport Tennis
Use During the effort
Duration of the effort Endurance/long distance
Duration of the effort more than 2 hours
Duration of the effort more than 3 hours
Duration of the effort more than 1 hour
Label Anti-doping
Label Natural
Label Vegan
Label Vegetarian
Label Vegan
Product specificity Easy to assimilate
Product specificity Practical use
Conditioning Boite de 4 barres 25 gr
Taste Apple Banana Blackcurrant
Flavor Sweet

Nutritional analysis


ANTIOXY BAR : Dextrose (26.4%), sirop de fructose (17.7%), amande (15%), flocon de pomme (11.2%) : pomme, amidon de maïs, saccharose, émulsifiant : lecithine de tournesol ; banane séchée (8%) : banane, farine de riz ; pépites de cassis (8%) : sucre, purée de cassis, pomme, fibres d’ananas, épaississant : alginate de sodium ; arôme ; correcteur d’acidité : acide citrique ; colorant : azorubine ; maltodextrine (8%) ; sorbitol (3%) ; jus de betterave (1.3%) ; extrait d’acérola (0.6%) ; extrait de ginseng (0.4%) ; extrait de guarana (0.25%) ; arôme (0.15%) ; vitamine B1.




Pour 100g

Par portion (25g)

Energie (kcal/kJ)



Matières grasses (g)



- dont acides gras saturés (g)



Glucides (g)



- dont sucres (g)



Fibres alimentaires (g)



Protéines (g)



Sel (g)



 * Apports de référence pour un adulte-type (8400KJ/2000kcal)



Pour 100g

Par portion (25g)

% VNR* (portion)

Vitamine E




Vitamine C




Thiamine (B1) (mg)




 * Valeurs Nutritionnelles de référence



Produit à consommer dans le cadre d'une alimentation équilibrée. Il répond aux besoins d'un effort musculaire immédiat effectué lors d'une compétition ou dans des conditions d'environnement spéciales. Avant ouverture: à conserver à l'abri de la chaleur et de l'humidité.

A consommer avant le /N° de lot : voir sur l’emballage.



NUTRISENS SPORT (formerly called Go2 Sport Nutrition) is a specialist in dietetic and sports nutrition.

Indeed, NUTRISENS SPORT offers a wide range of products designed to help you before, during and after the effort: drinks, bars, energy gels, cakes ...
The development of each product NUTRISENS SPORT has to meet the needs of all athletes regardless of their level or their objective (amateurs, savvy, athletes, looking for performance, toning or well-being ...).
For this, are integrated specific ingredients: proteins, vitamins, maltodextrin, minerals ...

NUTRISENS SPORT is based on values ​​to design its products like Performance , Taste and Digestibility.

Brand commitments:

The commitment Performance
The support of the CENS (European Center for Nutrition and Health; in Lyon) allows NUTRISENS SPORT to respond to health issues related to nutrition through a team of 200 researchers. In addition, the brand is accompanied by nutrition scientists to design NUTRISENS SPORT products.

The commitment Taste :
It's always more pleasant to eat a product « good when it is effective. Thus, all products are tested according to Nutrisens nutritional charter to validate the quality of the taste.
NUTRISENS SPORT is committed to removing palm oil, aspartame and artificial colors from all recipes so that the brand's products are healthy and natural.

Commitment Digestibility :
NUTRISENS SPORT is committed to offering simple products to digest. Athletes intensively seeking their digestive system may experience mild intolerance. Thus, a diet low in gluten will allow an optimization of digestion, a reduction of fatigue and an increase in immune defenses (especially if the catch is in the preparatory phase).


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