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Loyalty card

The loyalty Nutrisens Sport program rewards loyal customers by giving you vouchers of 5% the amount of your previous command.


To benefit from the loyalty program, it's simple: you just need to create an account on the Nutrisens Sport website.

  • Your vouchers are valid for 60 days!
  • What is the value of the discount?
    Go to your account, space "manage my vouchers" . You can also find this value in your emails: when shipping your last order, you received a confirmation email with the amount of the voucher available on your next order.
  • The voucher will be automatically offered when you finalize your order, provided only that your last order has been shipped.
  • The offer is valid on all products sold on the site: https://www.nutrisens-sport.com
  • The loyalty program is compatible with all types of payments and is valid in all countries.
  • The loyalty program is nominative and linked to your customer account. It can not be used by another person.
  • Valid from a minimum purchase order of 50 € VAT included.


Discounts for your referral and you!

Are you satisfied with Nutrisens Sport products? So let them discover to your surroundings!
Every time you sponsor someone, Nutrisens Sport offers you 10% discount! For your part, your referral will receive a 10% voucher in return!


  • After adding one of the referrals
    the godson must create an account on the site nutrisens-sport.com by indicating the address of his godfather and place a first order of which the status is "shipped". It immediately benefits from the 10% discount!
  • The sponsor will also receive a voucher worth 10%.
  • They will be able to find the vouchers in their " my vouchers " section and they will be recalled as a reminder. basket .
  • This voucher is valid for 12 months.
  • Valid from a minimum purchase order of 50 € VAT included.