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Nutrisens Sport, specialist in dietetics & sports nutrition offers a wide range of energy products to assist you to help you before, during and after your effort.

etoile2.jpgOur vision of sports nutrition

A wide range of bars, drinks, cakes or energy gels carefully developed to meet the needs of all athletes and especially for endurance disciplines.

We have targeted and evaluated the required dietary requirements and designed adapted products using specific ingredients: maltodextrins, proteins, vitamins and minerals ...

Whether you are an amateur or knowledgeable athlete, an athlete looking for performance, or simply to be well, the sports diet makes sense!

etoile2.jpgOur founding values ​​for Performance, Taste and Digestibility

Our commitment to Performance

Nutrisens Sport is surrounded by the best: we have the support of the C.E.N.S (European Center for Nutrition and Health, based in Lyon) which helps us to meet nutrition-related health issues through a team of 200 researchers.

We benefit from the expertise of a group of scientists in health nutrition, but especially from the Research and Development Department of Nutrisens.

Our scientists work in the field of specialized nutrition to find formulas adapted to the specific needs of the athlete and design products with irreproachable scientific efficiency.

Performance products for a flawless sports performance!

Our commitment to Taste

It's not because it's effective that it does not have to be good!

We systematically test the organoleptic qualities of our new products before their launch with athletes to validate their taste.

We respect the nutritional Nutrisens charter: we are committed to removing aspartame, palm oil, and artificial colors from all our recipes for healthier and natural products.

Also, we select raw materials and natural flavors of quality for a level of taste of excellence to meet your needs.

Our commitment to Digestibility

A phenomenon of slight intolerance may appear in athletes who intensively solicit their digestive system. A diet that is poor in gluten, especially in the preparatory phase, can thus allow:


The increase of the immune defenses


Optimization of digestion


A reduction of fatigue

Concerned with the good assimilation of the products by the athletes, the whole range evolves and becomes gradually without gluten for an optimized digestibility.

Did you know ?

  • Nutrisens Sport is a brand of the group
  • Becoming Nutrisens Sport in 2015, the brand was known as Go2 Sport Nutrition.