"Gluten-free", what interest for sports?

Gluten is becoming more and more talked about in recent years and we are seeing the arrival of many "Gluten Free" products. Without giving in to this media effect, the athlete will find a real interest in his practice.

Gluten, what is it?

Gluten is a set of proteins found in cereals such as: rye, oats, wheat, barley, kamut and spelled. A simple mnemonic means of remembering this list is: S-A-B-O-K-E.

Its main characteristic is its viscoelastic property which gives rise to the elasticity of a kneaded paste. This explains why it is found in many foods such as bread, cakes, pizza ...

Gluten and sports, what's the relationship?

Limiting gluten consumption for athletes who are not intolerant or suffering from celiac disease will have the effect of relieving their digestive system during training and competition.

Gluten has the effect of increasing the phenomenon of digestion and therefore the discomfort of the athlete. This may have consequences on its performance, so the goal is not to adhere to the gluten-free diet for the sake of weight loss or internal well-being but to limit its undesirable effects in a practice setting. sport.

Gluten and sports activity, what to do?

The idea is to relieve the digestive system to allow the nerve impulse to focus more on the irrigation of muscles rather than digestion.

To do this, we will simply limit the consumption of products containing gluten to a minimum during the 3 days preceding a test. We will also avoid them during practice and competition.

Thus, we will avoid fatigue, muscle weakness, bloating and other discomfort during our practice.

At Nutrisens Sport we develop most of our gluten-free raw material products to meet the needs and demands of athletes.

Whether you're gluten-intolerant or just have regular stomachaches during your sports activities, you can safely eat our gluten-free products.

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