How to choose your after effort products ?

The importance of recovery

Key phase of training, a good recovery will allow the body to repair itself and strengthen itself to become more efficient.

After an effort, the body has needs that are just as important as they are. He needs to replenish his stocks of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals as well as to be hydrated. Refueling all the nutrients allows to start the process of muscle recovery and aims to limit the occurrence of acidosis (responsible among other cramps).

The ideal way to refuel is to take advantage of what is called the metabolic window. This one is wide open during the 30 minutes after the stop of the activity and then closes little by little during the following hours.

It is during this period that the body is the most demanding and will absorb the best carbohydrates and proteins mainly. It is therefore necessary to bring him these elements as soon as possible in order to help him to rebuild himself. For this, Nutrisens Sport offers a complete range of products in the form of drinks and creams.

choose after effort products

How to choose your recovery after effort products



The SPEED RECOVER drink will start your recovery in a refreshing way after all your sessions. It will bring you protein and carbohydrates while rehydrating you.


The cream RECUP 10 will be your post-harvest greed. 10 grams of protein associated with carbohydrates in a generous format. A real reward after intense training or demanding competition. Easy to transport and ready to use, you'll love it!


The RECOVERY PRO drink is rich in whey protein, a source of branched amino acids, and meets the most important protein needs. This tasty milkshake will be your ally to chain the trainings and recover from your event.

The advice of the dietitian

In the 30 minutes following the effort, consume between 7 and 20 g of proteins accompanied by carbohydrates.

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